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What information does the CARFAX report provide?

Ownership History – the history of car ownership, how many owners there were, in which states, the last mileage readings, the approximate mileage of the car per year.

Additional History – additional history, contains records of some incidents during the operation of the car, such as the end of the warranty, accidents, damage, revocable company of the manufacturer.

Detailed History – detailed history section includes any reports, services, sales, inspections or other events that occurred while the vehicle was in your possession. For example, you might find emissions inspections, registration renewals, accidents listed by owner and where any events occurred.

An important part of the Detailed History table for people who buy cars from the US and Canada with damage. This part of the report lists the involvement in the accident, describing the nature of the damage and some details of the accident, which may provide a more detailed understanding of the severity of the damage, the severity of the required repairs and possible hidden damage.

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What is a CARFAX Vehicle History Report?

CARFAX reports provide information about a vehicle’s history, including whether it has been in an accident, has any open recalls, service history, previous owners, and more. For more information, see Sample Report.

Where is my VIN located?

The VIN can often be found on the driver’s side door, next to the door latches, and also in the lower left corner of the dashboard in front of the steering wheel. If you own a car, you can find it on the title, registration card, or insurance documents.

How to buy a CARFAX report?

Enter the VIN in the search field. After searching the report, you will receive a response about the number of records in the CARFAX database or the absence of such. If there are records about the history of the car, you will be offered a form with payment and contact e-mail. The report will be sent to the specified e-mail and shown on the screen after payment.

Key Benefits of Carfax Reports

For those who want to avoid the constant introduction of payment card numbers, you can choose the appropriate option and purchase Carfax reports in bulk. These reports will contain the following type of information:

  • whether the car was wanted;
  • has the car been in an accident?
  • how many were the owners;
  • whether the car received external damage;
  • How many times has the vehicle been repaired?

This information will help you choose the right car model.

What is car history?

The report means all the necessary information, which contains data such as:

  • type, class of car. Fuel type, equipment;
  • information about all damage to the car that the former owners had;
  • the number of car owners who were before the sale of the vehicle;
  • a description of the damage to the machine;
  • what the car was used for, for personal trips, official or as a taxi;
  • car mileage.

First, information about the first owner of the car will be located: when the car was first bought, in what year, in what city the vehicle was operated. Next, the same information about the next owner will be located, which helps to fully own all the information about this or that car. Collecting such data will help buyers protect themselves from scammers and buy a verified car.

Why do you need a car damage history?

In the section on car damage, you can find absolutely all the data about when and under what circumstances the owners repaired the car. This will help create a complete picture of the technical condition of the car. If the vehicle has suffered severe damage, then this information will be marked with special abbreviations that should be taken into account and read this information in detail.

  • In the very last section of the Carfax report, you can find detailed information such as:
  • in which city the car was bought;
  • what is the mileage of the vehicle;
  • how long the vehicle has been in operation;
  • where exactly was the car repaired?
  • other data.

This type of information will help you find out whether the car was registered with the insurance company, whether it was recorded at the police stations.

Additional data

There are no cars in the company’s database that were produced before 1981.

We have all the data about cars from both the USA and Canada. We provide our customers with the necessary information about this or that car. Carfax Canada allows buyers to view information as well as vehicle reviews.

To buy a report, you must use the VIN. The registration number must be identical at the time of ordering and receipt of the report. Only Carfax can check the number, both for cars from America and Canada.

Any buyer can receive reporting documentation. To do this, you must provide the following information: email address, credit card number, VIN. After that, you need to check your email, you will receive a letter where the order number will be indicated, as well as a receipt.

If you have problems and you cannot order a report, then you need to update the current page, or write to the technical support service.

VIN is a 17 digit code. All numbers from the code are decrypted by a special program, so only our company’s system can recognize the code.

VIN helps to determine the model, as well as the individual characteristics of the machine. The number is indicated in the documents that are issued upon registration of the car.

If you have not received an order receipt, then you need to check the spam in your mail.

NMVTIS is an abbreviation that contains information about a particular vehicle.